About Us

Surrogate Dr. is the most professional surrogate program that not only provides total support and full-service, but also helps intended parents to make their dreams come true. With our experience the goal of becoming a parent is as easy as possible. The process is managed entirely with us; we make sure you can have the best experience to fulfill your dream of becoming a parent. We help you find the ideal surrogate match based on your needs and desires. Together, we will work with you to achieve your dream of becoming a parent.
Surrogate parenting should be a collaboration of professionals who guide the entire process. Our team consist of doctors, attorneys and an agency that is the liaison between all the participants. We are unique because we have created a team that is involved with each surrogacy arrangement from beginning to end.

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We have the best prices


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State of the art facilities

Our Steps

Become a parent in 4 easy steps, we will be by your side the entire process, assuring you will get the best experience. The process of becoming a parent is as easy as this:

Book a consult with our experts.

Meet your best surrogate.

Prepare the medical and pregnancy procedure.

Enjoy parenthood.

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We are conveniently located in Brownsville, in the sunny state of Texas, just 30 minutes from the beach! We are excited to help you fulfill your dream, please contact us at: